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I've been asked to submit this piece for an exhibition but have decided not to. 

I could write a very lengthy post about this piece, why I made it, what it means to me etc however, I don't think words are necessary in this instance.

I'll leave it up to you, the buyer, to decide exactly why she is screaming.

A piece made from the heart of stained glass and glass rods. Some of the bugle beads are vintage real silver-lined which really sparkle.

I decided the face needed to shine without the background competing for attention, so that is painted using the 'mattest blackest black' by Culture Hustle and finished with three simple opalescent black glass ribbons.  

This piece is designed for indoor display only and measures 16" x 8.5" (or 41cm x 22cm ish) It has two 'D' ring fixings and wire on the rear to hang.

**Please note I've just noticed today I've run out of postal boxes to fit this size. I've ordered some, so there will be a delay in posting this piece out (latest should be Friday unless I can get one to fit sooner from a shop nearby!) My apologies ♡