Seagull ~ 36cm x 43cm /14" x 17"
Cone of chips ~ 23cm x 12cm/9" x 5"

Mosaic from a series of nautical inspired mosaics as seen at the 'Picking Up The Pieces' exhibition at Cockington Court in Devon. 

This is one for the holiday maker, Newquay/Cornwall lover or anyone who has ever had a chip pinched by an air shark or their ice cream swiped right out their hand like I have! 

One of my favourite creations...the seagull and cone of chips are designed to hang individually one above the other making the seagull appear to be swooping down to share your lunch.

•The seagull is made with various white china plates including the back stamps. I've utilised the detail/grooves on the rear of bowls and plates to create depth and movement as well as cup handles, ceramic tile and stained glass. 

•The cone of chips features cuttings from the local paper in Newquay, Cornwall set under glass. The hand and fries are ceramic tile. 

This one is sure to be a conversation piece. Realistic, quirky and fun.

Unique. One of a kind. Made with love.

Indoor display only. Signed, dated and fixed with a 'D' ring on the rear of each piece to hang. 



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