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My divers are back, but this time they're wearing some popular Batoko designs (don't worry, permission was sought first)

They are handcut MDF base, tile or glass body with a handpainted and fired swimsuit.

Diver measures 15" x 3"

Finished with black grout, painted on the rear and sealed. Each piece is numbered, signed and dated. Limited collection. Each piece is completely and utterly unique.

Not suitable to be handled by children, there may be sharp edges so handle any mosaic artwork with care.

Hanger is a 'D' ring attached to the rear to hang from a screw or nail on your wall.

Indoor display only.

♡ Why buy artwork from a small creative business? It'll be unique, no one else will EVER own the same as you. A lot of time, love and care has gone into the design and execution of each piece. It's handmade using materials that are being repurposed into something beautiful that would otherwise be thrown away.

Thank you for your interest ♡

Diver #3 ~ Orca Batoko Swimsuit

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