For World Ocean Day this year I started a new collection of mosaics focusing on sea creatures.

I adore the sea. I love all the creatures within it and feel at peace in nature. I am worried about our future if we don't start treating nature with respect. Being sustainable in our actions to allow regeneration and really thinking about the effect we are having on this home we call earth.

One of the mosaics in my collection is this seahorse. I find them stunning and calming to watch. They amaze me ♡ I haven't made any since about 2016/17 and I'm not making any more this year. Once it's sold that's it! 

This one measures 13" x 6" and is made of vintage china plates, ceramic tile, and plate edges. The tones are creams, white, orange, gold, brown and deep green. It is grouted dark grey/black and comes pre drilled ready to hang on a nail/screw flush to your wall.

Indoor display only.

♻️ Plastic-free ♻️
All my mosaics are sent using eco friendly recycled packaging that can easily be recycled again.