A beautiful 'bird in flight' mosaic, inspired by the many visitors to my garden. I adore watching them as I take a tea break. I love to take time to stop and look and appreciate their grace and beauty.

This collection is very much inspired by nature, (well, obviously!) what I mean is the natural tones I've selected rather than go crazy with the colouful china I've kept it neutral using complimentary shades for a calming result. 

I've used some truly unique pieces from items I made in a pottery class which makes it even more unique...those pieces sit happily next to beautiful hand cut and smoothed glass. I've edged this piece in Abigail Ahern paint called 'Crosby' a lovely earthy brown shade with pinky undertones. 

Understated, elegant and as always, a one off only you will own.

Pre drilled on the rear ready to hang on a nail flush to your wall. Indoor display only.
Measures 10" x 7"

All my mosaics are posted wrapped in plastic free eco packaging that can be recycled. 



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