'The Gift' was first created in 2013. I wanted to try and portray - in tile - a feeling of serenity, happiness and thanks you feel when given a precious gift. You can see photos of the first piece above plus a comparison between both versions.

Last year I decided to recreate it using the skills I've learnt over the years since making the first. I wanted to see how my style had changed in that time. 

This piece is centred around not so much receiving a physical gift in the form of flowers gifted by the fairy in the first...but the gift of nature and just being in the moment and appreciating what we have on earth. Perhaps that's something very much on my mind since the first lockdown a year ago when this was created.

It is a large framed piece measuring -
23" x 19" including the frame. The actual mosaic measures 19.5" x 15.5"

Wire is fixed to the rear to hang. Like all my pieces, this is truly a one off. If I revisit 'THE GIFT' in a few more years it will also be very different to the first and second versions.

This piece means a lot to me. The first was created during a very tough time in my life. Something good came from it as I attempted to portray feeling in my mosaic art and my work improved.

I collected the sea tumbled pottery from various Cornish beaches myself. The materials used are ceramic tile, spent casings, glass rods, stained glass, sea pottery, sea glass, glass drops and vintage china. 

Her face is made predominantly out of found sea treasures. I've used the back of plates too which are scuffed and dinked which I think adds more interest.

The background whilst monotone and apparently simplistic took a long time to complete. I used various glazes in block formation so pieces of high shine glass sit next to dull unglazed tile creating an interesting patchwork effect which catches the light and adds another depth of interest. 

The bug is made from vintage china plates and iridescent glass which shines different colours as you move past the piece.

A piece of artwork that commands attention, encourages the beholder to consider their own meaning and one that you will never tire of. It's relaxing, serene and yet commands discussion. It'll sure be the talking point of any interior space.




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