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   Lockdown Mosaic Projects


The first personal mosaic project I wanted to tackle was a house number installation. I chose to do vintage style 'deco' divers in the eaves of the porch set in a swirly sea background. The mosaic measures 5ft wide by 1.5 foot tall at the highest point and took me two weeks to complete and a day to install.

Next I tackled the house name sign. It is a metal sign with the name 'TRELAWNEY' (Cornish meaning 'a person from a town with a church') One side has light lettering with a darker background and the other side is black lettering on a lighter mixed china background.


I then had the bright idea to mosaic each coping stone along the front garden wall! Each stone measures 2ft long and there are 11 in total. I removed one at a time and worked on completing it in the art room then once grouted, it was cemented back into place.


I used vintage 1970's and 80's delft tiles, spent casings, and blue and white blue willow pattern china and ceramic tiles. Each stone features a different animal and each has personal meaning.


There are lots more images and info about the wall project on my facebook page.

20200414_103515 (1).jpg

The below photo is the latest image since the cottage has been painted white. It looks much brighter and fresher and makes the mosaics pop.


I have also finished work on the Garden Goddess sculpture. I finished sculpting her out of Pal Tiya and then she was left over the winter due to other commitments/preparing for exhibitions etc. 

She has painted parts and mosaic parts. She has a mirrored face to reflect the onlooker. Faceless yet multi faceted! 

Her mosaic gown is made of handcut glass, tile, mirror and curio. The lower part of her dress is tumbled china plate offcuts. There will be a step by step tutorial in my blog section soon detailing the process to assist when creating your own unique piece to mosaic out of Pal Tiya.


The Gift #2

I revisited a past mosaic which I completed in 2013 to see how different the finished piece would look if I were to recreate it 7 years on! This is the result. 

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