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Pal Tiya and Mosaics FAQ

I get quite a few messages with questions regarding Pal Tiya and the application of mosaic. I thought I'd share them here to assist with the most common queries. I'll add to it as and when more questions crop up.

Q) Do I apply mosaic into wet Pal Tiya or onto it once cured?

A) Either! You can push mosaic pieces into wet PTP or add it post-cure.

Q) Do I need to grout if using PTP for my base?

A) Not necessarily. If you are using smalti for example, you can butt the pieces up to each other using thinset as your adhesive. The thinset should ooze up inbetween pieces keeping them firm and removes the need for grout.

Likewise, if you are pushing mosaic pieces into wet PTP then there is no need to grout. The pieces could even be pushed in so that they are level with the surface of the PTP. When you are finished wipe over to smooth the edges where PTP meets mosaic before curing. Unless you have pre cut pieces it would be best to do small sections at a time for this method.

Grout would be advised in all other circumstances.

Q) Do I need to keep the fibres to help the tiles stick?

A) If covering your PTP substrate with mosaic there is no need to remove the fibres with a blow torch. Mosaic will adhere perfectly well with or without them.

Q) Which glue is best for outdoors?

A) Silicone or thinset (US) usually called Rapid Set or Fast Set in the UK. Never use Weldbond (or other PVA type glues) for outdoor mosaics as it is water soluble. It would only take a small crack in your grout to allow water in and your tiles would loosen and eventually pop off.

Q) Can I add 3D objects to my PTP sculpture?

A) Absolutely! Make sure the object is captured well by the wet PTP by making sure it is pushed in so that the PTP comes up the sides slightly. When adding objects after the cure, set it well into a bed of thinset.

*I am sharing what I have learnt since using the product for myself. I am in no way an expert in its use, but I am a professional mosaic artist with a wealth of knowledge about the application of mosaic onto various surfaces. I'm sharing what I am learning about this incredible medium for us mosaic artists looking to create durable outdoor sculptures.

Link to the Pal Tiya website with further comprehensive general FAQ's is below...

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