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Pal Tiya for the Mosaic Artist

Updated: Oct 22, 2020

Easy Substrates for Outdoors

Welcome to my brand new blog solely dedicated to the use of Pal Tiya Premium as a 3D substrate for mosaic. I will share with you how this product will transform how you create exciting new substrates for you to mosaic. What's more, it is easy, fast, no mess, no firing and cures as hard as stone. If you have ever thought 'I would love to make a sculpture for my garden to mosaic' but couldn't find a suitable weatherproof base that you have total control over, then you need search no more!

How I found out about Pal Tiya Premium

I stumbled across the product whilst searching online for alternatives to create garden sculptures that I could mosaic. I wouldn't have a kiln large enough to fire a huge clay sculpture, concrete seemed like it was too restrictive. Carving polystyrene, covering it in mesh and thinset seemed to detract from the 'hands on' sculpting alternative I had longed for. I needed something I could mould and sculpt like clay but that cured rock hard. I found a link to youtube, watched it, was amazed...watched 5 more, got square eyes and decided to order this wondrous product that appeared to be able to do everything I was searching for!

My First Piece

A couple of days later it arrived, I made my first piece (the toadstool) you may remember seeing it on facebook, and I instantly fell in love with Pal Tiya Premium. It was so easy to work with, so responsive and textural and is really therapeutic. I've been hooked ever since!

How To Get Started

If, like me, you stumbled across Pal Tiya and have either purchased the product and don't know where to begin, or you are keen to try it but feel overwhelmed...First, you need to familiarise yourself with the basics...don't worry, it's super easy. If I can do it, anyone can. There are lots of wonderful tutorials I urge you to watch by Pal Tiya International's YouTube channel. There is a comprehensive FAQ section on the Pal Tiya website and they are super approachable if you can't find the answer to your specific query. Then, once you have made your beautiful and original sculpture, I'm here to answer all of your mosaic related enquiries.

To get started I have written below about the adhesives that work best on PTP and some tips to get you started...I will be posting future blogs specifically about the application of mosaic, my findings and work in progress images with explanations. You will be taken through the process step by step. I'm excited to share with you my creations in the hope it inspires you to give it a go and you will soon see why I always #gamechanger. Because it is! :-)

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