PRE CHRISTMAS SALE!I will show you how to make these cute garden mosaics and the information can then be used to go wild with other ideas using these principles. I'll show you step by step everything you need to make your own jellies at home from waste plastic containers. Armed with the knowledge of how to create these you will be able to make all manner of substrates to mosaic. You can use offcuts and bits and bobs otherwise destined for the bin to recycle into something beautiful. The steps I show you can translate into other designs. Once you know how to safely secure wiring into your bases and make them weatherproof, you can use the method to make antennae for bugs or bugs legs...the only limit here is your imagination! I'll show you the process step by step with photos and full explainations. It is simple to follow and easy to make once you know how. There will be other tutorials in the making that are affordable and give detailed instructions to follow whether a complete beginner or experienced mosaicist. I'm keen to share what I have learnt over the years and know a lot of you want help due to the many questions I receive on my posts and privately in messages. This way, you can select the inforamation relevant to you to purchase from my growing library and I get to share my knowledge with you. Many of them will be not much more than the cost of a posh coffee but the time you'll save will be worth it. Have fun creating. I can't wait to see what you make and thank you for your interest ♡

Jellyfish Tutorial - PDF