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This in-depth, step by step tutorial will teach you from start to finish how to make this statue. I took pictures of the whole process at the time of making which I've ordered and added descriptions to.


There are lots of tips and design insights throughout as well as detailed instructions...

I tell you all the equipment needed

How to make the antlers

How to create her skirt

How to mix and apply Pal Tiya

Cure times and process

Design considerations



and much more...




I am giving the purchaser permission to recreate the Garden Goddess (should you wish) exactly as I have made mine. This tutorial is copyright free as I want you to be able to follow the steps with freedom. Once you have followed the instructions, you will feel confident and excited to apply what you have learnt to apply these skills to future projects.


It is jam-packed with info and is in an easy to follow format. 


The only thing excluded is my permission for you to use this tutorial in workshops, distribute it or to teach the Goddess design as your own. That's pretty standard and most artists already know and understand this.


It is my longest and most detiled tutorial to date, with 51 pages of clear instruction punctuated with images to further explain the points, plus you can contact me with any queries and I'll be more than happy to advise.


Happy making!

Pal Tiya Garden Goddess Tutorial - PDF

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