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PRE CHRISTMAS SALE!PDF 2 OF 3 IN THIS SERIES... Want to know which tools I use to create my mosaics? I'll help you filter through all the confusing information online and cut (pardon the pun) to what you need, saving you time and money. I've wasted a fair few pounds trying new tools that were not up to the job and have found my own collection of tools that are my everyday essentials. This list tells you the names, approximate prices and what I use them for so you can google them and find suppliers in your area. I couldn't do what I do without any of them, others you won't necessarily need straight away as a beginner but will probably want to purchase as you progress. Maybe you're already making mosaics and just feel you could be doing better or your tools aren't producing the cuts you wish they would. I'll be adding more PDF tutorials, bite size hints and tips and more detailed specific distance learning worksheets to help you hone existing skills or learn from scratch the art of mosaic. More specifically, the way I do things. You could get a folder and print each PDF to add to your collection to refer to time and time again. I'm keen to share what I have learnt over the years and know a lot of you want help due to the many questions I receive on my posts and privately in messages. This way, you can select the inforamation relevant to you to purchase from my growing library and I get to share my knowledge with you. Many of them will be not much more than the cost of a posh coffee but the time and money you'll save in the long run will be worth it. This comprehensive tool guide is an 8 page PDF which will be sent automatically to your inbox upon purchase. Thank you for your interest ♡

Tools - A Comprehensive Guide PDF

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